Take a look at the Sell It Now Store’s roots

During our more than 14 years in business, we have found our strength and revenue comes from corporate entities and remote consumers. We are open to the public by appointment and service Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota and more. We consign items shipped to us from just about every other state. The company continues to employ professionals to research and auction your item successfully for top dollar.

2006 | Drop-Off & Small Location

The Sell It Now Store™ started as a registered eBay drop-off location with a small location in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

2012 | Relocating & Becoming an Auction House

The Sell It Now Store™ purchased and relocated operations to premier real estate in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and became a Wisconsin licensed auction house.

2014 | Returning to Waukesha

The Sell It Now Store successfully sold the Wauwatosa real estate to return business operations to Waukesha, Wisconsin.

2017 | Permanence & Convenience

The Sell It Now Store™ moved to a larger, permanent and more convenient location in Waukesha that combined both of their warehouses into one.